Venus in Libra Candles

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Venus in Libra Main Employment:

  • Love drawing
  • Attraction
  • Pleasure
  • Relaxation
  • Glamour
  • Gaining attention
  • Promoting Joy 

Virgin beeswax dyed emerald green using eco friendly plant based dyes poured over Venus in Libra materia during the height of the September 2nd, 2021 election. This collection offers more sizes than previously offered as well as a scented version. Only The Crown candles are scented and contain a crackling wooden wick. All other sizes are unscented and use a normal cotton wick. 

Light a Venus in Libra candle in workings to attract new love, enflame passions in an existing romance, to promote joy and relaxation, in sympathetic magic, or for an ambient Venusian energy. Using these candles in the way of ambient light, they prove especially useful for when one has guests in their home whether it be romantic or family where you feel the need to be seen and heard. They make the perfect atmospheric adjustments to date nights and sexy-time with ones lover.

These can also be employed using sympathetic magic in similar fashion to our Fixed candles. 

Instructions are provided with every order.

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