About us

Haus of Ophidious - House of the Archaic Serpent - an act of devotion and adoration to and of the various lineages of Witchcraft that I am enriched by, the Southern Conjure and Rootwork that lives in my blood - a gift of great grandmothers and their love long passed, and others left hidden, Haus of Ophidious is a serpents nest, alive and throbbing with the verdant blood of the forest, a fertile field of star fire tilled and tended by the dwellers in the earth.

The vision of this serpent is a tree whose roots grow to depths deeper than most dare to go with its branches growing to stellar heights of empyrean domain; its fruits are clarity in diamond, fiery empowerment in the ruby, virile abundance in the emerald, and jewels unnamed dripping with the ichor-essence of innovation and a thirst for conscientious refinement. Working hand in hand with spirit, impulse, and muse to forge potent and effective vessels of magic; great care being taken in the ethical, moral, and spiritual procurement of ingredients whether sourced or gathered, Haus of Ophidious provides products for the rooted and erudite witch or worker perpetually in a dance with the tides of the Soul. 


Through the eyes and the mouth of the Serpent,

Jackson Walker