Fixed Stars

Historically, stars have been seen variously as navigators in the world of man, points of power, inspiration, and influence in every culture, with many stars being the points in which certain gods, spirits, forms, and functions reside and radiate from while in starry form that can be - and have been - worked with, put to work and influence, worshipped, feared, and adored. It is towards this same edifice that Haus of Ophidious approaches Stars, the spirits and gods found within their light, along with relationship and work with them - as bodies of light that can be - and are - of strong influence in the world.

The offerings below can be utilized by all to work with the star's given - or determined through relationship - abilities and potencies. For the witch and spirit worker, it can also be a place of meeting through which you can seek and broker pacts with the spirits and gods of the star to achieve a given aim or purpose.

All stellar offerings are birthed in concert with spirits of Witchcraft that patron my work in these starry fields beneath our feet. It is by their hands that each bottle, fetichce, or pact is sealed and maintained. My methods of approach towards stars are informed by these very same spirits and the pacts that I hold with them, folklore both oral and written and historic alongside folkloric practices from Appalachia and Europe.