One of the most fortunate stars in the heavens, standing in the breast of the lion located at 29’ 50” Leo, and one of the Four Persian Royal Stars set to guard the heavens, Regulus has regaled the eyes and imagination of man for centuries. Bearing the title Watcher of the North and marking the summer solstice, Regulus has been known in Arabic as Alb al-Asad, the heart of the lion; to the Chinese, it was The Yellow Emperor; to the Babylonians, it was Sharru, the king, and Lugal, the star that stands in the breast of the lion: The King; in India, Magha, the Mighty; and to the Persians it was Miyan, the center, among countless other names known and lost in the history of human culture.

Astrologically speaking, within various points of the nativity, Regulus is a portent of glory and power, said to give ambition, a desire for power and command, strength of spirit, success, high and lofty ideals, generosity, independence, martial honors, great authority, the ability to command, victory over enemies, scandalous actions, and violence.

The sum of kingship crowned in the light of radiant suns, arising bloodstained, and of hot breath from the field of battle - Conquering One! The ruddy Heart of the Lion stands here on high as the Crown in the North bearing his stamping paws that scratch at and till the earth with his terrible claws. King Maker; Destroyer of Melancholy; Joy Bringer; and The Radiant are myriad titles by which Regulus can be approached by those wishing to work the virtues of this kingly star to a desired end, and otherly by those who wish to approach this mighty force and its current in acts of service or devotion, spirit contact, and spirit contract.

Regulus can be approached for: The dispelling of melancholy; the promotion of happiness; the soothing of anger both within yourself and others; works geared towards being well-liked and regarded highly in reputation; the promotion of victory and triumph when sought in pure spirit; the manipulation of pride and ego; being placed in a position of authority through recognition and promotion; the promotion of self-respect, esteem, and confidence; among much else left to the mind and contact-informed modes of working found within each worker.

Regulus is both King - “King” here being genderless - and King Maker, bringing the battlefield to the earthly stretches of our very own bodies and minds, demanding that we face ourselves down and battle the parts of us that we wish to subdue, the parts of us that are born in and feed off of melancholy and rage, off of the desire for blood. Here, the king is bloodthirsty - though upon whose blood does he feast? We might find that in closely working with Regulus in a more spirit-contact and relationship-building model we are more prone to anger; to want to lash out at those who harm us; or that we even seek revenge against those who have slighted us in the past. It is this very desire that one must test and steel themselves against in the climb to the height of this crowning light. 

In Egypt, Regulus can be linked with Sekhmet: She Before Whom Evil Trembles; Mistress of Dread; Lady of Slaughter; and the Mauler. Honorary mention that Sekhmet is seen as a mother of vampires in certain traditions and myths. Within Egyptian myth and the pantheon, Sekhmet was created by Ra, one of the main deities of the pantheon to punish humans who had defied the lessons and rules taught and dictated by Ma’at - the goddess of truth, justice, and order. Having grown angry at humans, Ra took one of his eyes and turned the eye into Sekhmet. He bid Sekhmet to punish the humans for their disobedience with a heat as fierce as the Suns’ as it scorches the earth.

“The desert was dyed red with human blood, while the Eye was pursuing traitors and killing them one by one. It didn’t stop until the sands were covered with bodies. Then, temporarily satiated, Sekhmet returned triumphantly to his Father”.

For days Sekhmet utilized plague to punish the humans in her bloodthirsty rage across the land, killing mercilessly. Only after several days had passed and the bodies were found in piles did Ra seem to be satisfied with the amount of bloodshed. There only seemed to be one problem - Sekhmet was far from satiated. Like a lion who needs only taste human flesh once, Sekhmet denied all commands from Ra to cease her hunt and was stopped only by a trick played by Ra, for Ra knew that the favorite drink of the fire in his eye was beer, and in knowing this he could formulate a way to sate her appetite. Taking a red pigment from the desert and beer, Ra made a brew that emulated blood and such an amount of it that it could intoxicate an entire army of hippos. Having made this brew, Ra poured the beer into the Nile, coloring it red. Seeing the Nile run red and mistaking its beer-filled waters for blood, Sekhmet drank the river up, becoming drunk in the process and falling asleep on its bank. After Sekhmet awakes, her insatiable bloodlust is gone and she returns to her father who rewards her for her services.

Beyond the above, Regulus offers much and the potential workings of both blessing and bane are on the table with this King. Regulus can be of great aid to those seeking promotions and recognition in fields of professional or recreational life; to those who find themselves overwhelmed in the draping weight of melancholy and need to be surrounded by warming light as potential guide through the darkness; to those who need to soothe their own anger - a balm for when anger clouds the mind and muddies ones judgement making faculties; to those who wish to incite anger and inflated ego in another so that they may not properly focus, so that they may not retaliate, and so that they may not function; to those who wish to be recognized and placed in positions of authority and power; to those who need a boost in charisma and confidence; to those who will succeed at all costs; and to all who would see themselves shine in the light of this regal crown.

The heart of the Regulus collection, a palm-sized garnet etched with personal seals of Regulus, sits pulsing with emanating warmth alongside several meteorites and moldavite. Around this heart was layered Black Locust thorns, Celandine, Cinnamon, Life Everlasting, Mastic gum, Wormwood, 24-karat Gold, the powdered flesh and bones of serpents, and the appropriate species of feline fur among countless other plants, stones, minerals, and bones.

Suggestions for use are provided with each item.


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