Fixed Star : Algol

Fixed Star : Algol

Algol, known otherly as Ras Al-Ghul  - rough Arabic for mischief maker, is one the 15 Behenii or Fixed Stars mentioned by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Algol is known to be a very malefic star beholding imagery of a beheaded man or woman lending visual potency to its ability to cause insanity or ‘ lose ones head’.

In this materia lies direct link to the spirits of Algol 

To make direct spirit contact with that which lies therein To protect with ferocity To appear intimidating To inspire malice and hatred To grant Vengeance To preserve the members of the body To inspire insanity

* While all materia in the Algol collection can be used in malefic workings you will find more malefic potency within the ALGOL : Venom of the Mother oil which was limited to 13 bottles.

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