Call of the Bacchanal

The lock to the latch; The key to the hole
The Call of the Bacchanal throbs in a pulsing song and game
Its name - Desire
Here, sung in the throats of Serpents
Spilling forth pearlescent milk
Blackened by the flesh of The Bat

Call of the Bacchanal is a symphony that tills both earth and flesh, a call to and stirring of the red rivers of lust - an engorging rush of blood through the veins, a song of seduction for men who seek the touch of other men. Here is the fuck and the feast, a central pole mounted by The Call conducting a torrent of desire around which all are entranced in the game of seduction. In this game, identities of power and control are tested in an exploration through the throbbing forests of your own lusts and desires. Within this stirring exists a ploy to stroke and to jerk in the manipulation of false submission, to dominate the dominant.  Here is the hand on the back of the head and the tongue skillfully feasting upon red rods of apple. Call of the Bacchanal works to: inspire lust and physical companionship amongst men; To seduce men; To dominate the dominant through glamour and false submission; To stoke the fires of pleasure; To capture through gaze; To increase charisma and charm to meet the needs of seduction; all to give way to entry into fertile kingdoms

Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust. 
― Marquis de Sade


Call of the Bacchanal was built over the course of nine months, utilizing a series of workings brought to fruition in myriad forms. A central axis, the phallic heart formed around a central stone chosen for its axial nature, flanked by rods of apple and crowned in a pinecone open and set forth, ready to drop its seed. This heart sits whole in the master bottle, thrumming its song in bated breath. A wooden box stained with prepared inks and others bedded with a mask of anonymity seduced from a man and kept. Atop this bed of lustful anonymity, a snake’s egg filled and tended, and a whole bat who was given his coin and shrouded in powders of his nature. Over the course of several days, beneath the appropriate moon, the box was worked by spirit and flesh through encounter, and at once reduced to ash.  This ash forms one of the two powders that swim and play within Call of the Bacchanal, being comprised of many ingredients left unnamed. Beyond this ash, within the master bottle floats the hinges, lock, and key to the box.

The second powder, bearing the name of the collection, is one of domination, seduction, and compulsion; tilling both earth and flesh to rake forth desire, built around the throbbing heart at the center, enthroned atop the properly bought dirt from seven cruising grounds, surrounded by a careful layering and melodic symphony of Amber, Clove, and Apple; Calamus, Deer’s Tongue, High John root, and Black Poppy cloaked in White Poppy; Cedar and Saffron, all atop a bed of Grape leaves. Existing within this powder also are several Hagstone’s bathed in private oils and worked by the spirits presiding over the collection. 

Seven Carnelian stones float freely in the master bottle of the oil, a stone of triumph and the movement of the blood, which have been bathed in waters made from Red Coral, Cinnamon, Cedar, Spinach, Basil, Lavender, and Olive Oil in a base of river water beneath a full moon. 

Beyond this, the master bottle holds a charm of a 1.7-carat Ethiopian Opal given duck fat, Horny Goat Weed, Musk, Civet, several hairs, Sampson’s Snake Root, Rose, Agarwood, and Dove feather, among several others, sealed in beeswax, red thread, and snakeskin, and further fumigated in safflower. The master bottle is wrapped in cloth that has tasted the sweat of several men in a rut and crowned with a baculum-cross of Coyote and Raccoon bound in leather and skin. This baculum charm was carried and empowered in several encounters of flesh.

Wares in this collection serve to inspire lust between men, to seduce all in the name of desire. Call of the Bacchanal Oil lends the most direct approach with myriad forms of application be it in marking the body, the creation of charms, or the exploration of the red rivers. While these wares are intended to be worked as a tool of seduction on others, there exists potential to self-seduce, to dive into red depths in an exploration of desirous magic through self-pleasure. Other wares can be found alongside the oil which have been further formulated to specific ends and tested for efficacy.

For the purpose of being aware of the spirits and pacts formed to birth Call of the Bacchanal wares, patronage is here given by Serpents and Vampires. Those who act here as patron will not directly involve themselves with the worker of the ware, though as the wares attract encounters of flesh so too might they draw in encounters with spirits of a carnal nature. There exist safeguards within these wares (detailed in the provided instructions) in the form of several of the Carnelians mentioned above to protect against this if one so desires.

It should be noted that through the pact of their creation, Call of the Bacchanal wares are primarily meant to be used by men. These wares care not for romance, finding their way best in matters of the hunter and the hunted.

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