Sirius Candles

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Read the full Fixed Star Sirius writeup here.

100% Virgin beeswax (undyed) and poured over a base of Golden Beryl, Mugwort, Saffron, Savine juniper, Tarragon, and other Sirius materia. 

The Sirius candles may be burned as an ambient influence to attract wealth, to end arguments, and to grant favor and luck. They may be used in sympathetic workings to the same ends along with all other virtues of Sirius. 

The Crown Candles: (12oz) A new version of our beloved fixed star candles meant to be used as an ambient influence. The same beeswax and herbal and mineral materia mixed with Hemp and Agar wood fragrance poured in a glass yellow matte vessel with a wooden wick. 

The Sirius candles are extremely limited and will not be restocked once sold out.

Detailed instructions arrive with every order.

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