Algol Talismans

Algol Talismans

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Algol Main Employment:

✥ Fierce Protection

✥ Maleficia and Curses

✥ To inspire malice or hatred

The Algol Talismans were created in collaboration with the ever talented Shandi Bouscatier.

Fine silver cast in the image of a gorgons head with red and black genuine diamond eyes. 


they report that it bestoweth good success to petitions, and make him go carrieth it bold and magnanimous, and preserveth the members of the body sound; also it helpeth against witchcraft, and reflecteth evil endeavours, and wicked incantations upon our adversaries." - Agrippa

These talismans act as a direct and potent link to Algol and are unmatched when lending their aid in protection, curse work, allowing one to be perceived as intimidating, granting vengeance, and all other works in the virtuous vein of Algol.

Each talisman arrives with a 20 inch sterling silver chain and is housed within a large black leather pendant case which has been embossed with gold edge detail.

Each talisman comes with a bottle of Algol Oil.

Detailed instructions are provided with every order.



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