King of the Forest Flying Ointment

King of the Forest Flying Ointment

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Only 15 jars of King of the Forest will ever be offered. 

Here, the wise teacher, the old king of the forest bears his teeth and stamps his hind feet, marching upwards and onwards upon the paths seldom trod. This ointment is at once both a facilitator of spirit flight and a guide capable of offering much. King of the Forest is approachable to all, though to all not a friend, taking ally in Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) and the sated, fed, and powdered bones of the old king of the forest. At the point of their meeting, the two are each an end to a single pole around which swirls and swims powders that feed and further empower both the unguent and its wielder. 

Found swimming around its center, a powder with as many heads as there are jars, of several plants of greening collected on a hike through the mountains, master of the woods, the powdered bones of eaten prey, foundational brick reduced to powder, dirt from a dirt-path crossroads found in the mountainous wilderness - the same mountain ranges that spat forth his very bones, and several whole and prepared meteorites, one of which lies at the bottom of each jar, extending the aid of the king of the forest long after the jar has run empty. This is but a partial enumeration of the ingredients of this powder. 

King of the Forest comes to the aid of the wielder who would both fight and follow for works of Spirit flight, being a great teacher and guide within such undertakings. In works of strengthening the self through looking at the mirror of the self, it is here that he comes as a guide to the outcast, to the downtrodden, and the lost at the crossed roads of great introspection, teaching one to muster the courage and strength found only within yourself to stand truly upon your own - offering you the iron weight of his heavy feet. In the explorations of testing and conquering fear, this mighty king plays grinning games to taunt, test, and proclaim the victor. Will it be you, or him? You, or the reflection in the mirror? In all matters of divination and spirit communication, the king of the forest comes as a whispering font singing soft songs of incantation, capable of both calling in desired spirits and whispering to you of their words, if only one learns to hear him.  He also comes here in the guise of a healer, being quite capable in such works, though little written instruction will be given on this. In the provided suggestions for usage, there are further explorations of all that said above and more, with mentions of how such learnings can be incorporated practically in one’s daily life. King of the Forest is both flying ointment and magical balm capable of effecting great works and adding strength to all that it touches.

Each jar arrives with detailed suggestions and safety information.


Hyoscyamus Niger root, stem, leaf, flower, and whole seed pod, Jojoba oil, Beeswax from an apiary in high mountain forests, and a proprietary powder blend consisting of herbal, mineral, and animal components.

1 fl oz

Sold as CURIO only.

Haus of Ophidious cannot recommend the application of King of the Forest Flying Ointment to the skin.

Due to federal regulations, this ointment does not ship to Canada. 

This ointment should not be used by those with any organ complications and should never touch your mucous membranes (Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and Genitals).

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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