Green Serpent Incense

Green Serpent Incense

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The Green Serpent was created in collaboration with Austin Fuller of BanexBramble.

A fumigation based within solar and asclepian lore to act as an antidote to the accumulated venoms of Algol in ones space. This incense has one intended purpose and that is to dispel the malefic residue built up in a space due to heavy Algol activity. Galbanum, Golden Copal, Elemi, Holy woods, Frankincense, Olibanum, Lemon water, and a house blend of liquors come together in this fumigation whose plumes of smoke smell of Holy places, honey, and warmth. The fumigation of The Green Serpent is exorcising, astringent, and high vibrational. While this was intended to be used to dispel Algol energies, it can be worked in solar and cleansing rites.

1 fl oz

Burn on charcoal disks. 

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