Aldebaran II Talismans
Aldebaran II Talismans

Aldebaran II Talismans

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Bearing the horns of  Bull Headed Dragons, a particular family of spirits I encountered in my work with Aldebaran and its many familiars and denizens, and the comet-like vehicle we often find in connection to stellar dragons and serpents and their fiery descent into our world, these 6 Talismans of Aldebaran bear each a single Ruby of its kind, a cut and faceted *Moldavite*, and an unattached piece of Sky Iron.

Of stellar inspiration and origin, this talisman of Aldebaran is a first of its kind for Haus of Ophidious in both practical potency and versatility in ways in which this talisman can be approached.

The Ruby, being a 6x4mm facet cut, was washed in appropriate waters, sat in powders, girdled by cords of ingress, and placed intricately in a web of other stones and materia to call down and invite the spirits of Aldebaran to make a home within its fiery depths using workings informed by historical talismanic and witchcraft practices as well as my own stellar witchcraft based practices given to me by my court of spirits. 

To give a nod towards the applications of Ruby, this note is given by Claude Lecouteux in his "A Lapidary of Sacred Stones" on the subject of Ruby:

"Known in the Middle Ages as "The lord of stones". The ruby Permits the acquisition and protection of lands, makes one devout, calms anger, protects against seduction, procures grace and dominance over other people, protects from all peril and causes all melancholy to be forgotten, delights the individual, and comforts the heart."

The Moldavite plays a central role in my work with stars, and here hosts its first public induction into a Haus of Ophidious talisman. Serving as a fertilizing life blood and seed of certain Serpents and Dragons, as well as their own intricacies of being little devils in and of themselves.  As with the Ruby mentioned above, these Moldavites were put through their own ritual process outside of and beneath the stellar election utilized to craft these talismans.

Sky Iron, or Meteorite, has known thousands of years of use as a spiritual tool, used as weaponry and adornment, and viewed as a force being born of the world of the gods - or in many cases - being pieces of stellar palaces and kingdoms themselves. Within many cultures, as I have understood it, with references mostly being informed by Egyptian and near eastern studies and being confirmed through my own practices, Meteorite can be used in and inform certain forms of spirit flight and stellar workings. The piece of Meteorite that arrives with these talismans is intrinsic to the stellar witchcraft aspects of this talisman which is detailed in the lengthy instructions and suggestions provided with each order.

This writeup is proving to be much lengthier than first intended. The spirits speak and we type it out - sort of day, it would seem. They know what they want and they offer it here.

Collaborating with the brilliantly talented and *true to his art* Shandi Bouscatier of The Witch Art of AZK, who has, at this point, become Haus of Ophidious' patron Jeweler and Talisman Smith™, we created - along with my spirits and their direction - these talismans that are physically comprised of a Horn or comet shape bearing the glyph of Aldebaran cast in pure Silver, plated in  18K Gold,  set with a ritually empowered 6x4mm Ruby and a 5mm cut and faceted Moldavite, on a Gold chain and accompanied by a piece of Meteorite. 

As is said by Hermes Trismegistus in his liber Hermetis de 15 stellis tractans et 15 herbis et 15 lapidibus et 15 figuris or The Book of Hermes on the 15 fixed stars and 15 herbs and 15 stones and 15 figures, translated and annotated by John Michael Greer from BM Bodleian MS. 52, ff. 44-47, a talisman of Aldebaran "increases riches and brings great honors".

~now, to the practicality~

These Talismans have a few modes of function and ways they may be approached:

  • As ambient and potently talismanic forces of Aldebaran to increase ones ability grasp that which is desired, whether it be money or riches, to reach an end-goal, to have the ability to persevere and see oneself through hardship and hard-times, to give one the ability to - in abrasive terms - be ruthless in having the heart and steel hand in a velvet glove to claim, grasp, and *take* all that one desires.

  • A ritual known as ‘The Horde of the Ruddy Red Bull’ is being provided with each talisman so that one may entreat, supplicate, and make requests through the talisman and provided meteorite to the spirits of Aldebaran with the possibility of pacting with the spirits herein housed within a familial emmisary context to act as link and messenger between yourself and Aldebaran and its spirits.

  • The functionality of these talismans, as with most of Haus of Ophidious' offerings, is limited only by your own ingenuity and pursuit for more as the pacts that birth *most* of our offerings are quite versatile.

Each talisman arrives in a faux leather keepsake box, with a specially prepared and packed meteorite, and detailed instructions and suggestions for ritual and practical application. Each talisman is also accompanied by a bottle of Aldebaran Oil.

This talisman will offer, by far, the most detailed *talisman specific*  ritual instructions that have ever been produced by Haus of Ophidious as these are one of our more potent offerings. Offerings are made to the spirits of each talisman after purchase before shipment. 

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