Jupiter X Venus in Pisces Oil
Jupiter X Venus in Pisces Oil

Jupiter X Venus in Pisces Oil

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While both the Greater and the Fairer Benefics were in the sign of Pisces, the place of Exaltation for Great Venus and a sign under the governance of kingly Jupiter, this oil for financial gain, success and prosperity, to possess great charm, and to receive good from others was birthed.

In essence, the Jupiter X Venus in Pisces oil will make those around you want to be kind to you, an effect well attested to by the Venus in Pisces Oil which has become a patron favorite, making one a magnet for receiving gifts and kindness. Jupiter, dispenser of wealth and abundance, works through the oil to generate and attract financial gain, be it through sales, tips, generosity, or myriad means. Through the intercession of the two benefics, the oil also works to generate general good-fortune and luck.

The oil is partly comprised of: Agarwood, Emerald, Frankincense, Honey Bee, Honeycomb, Jupiter powder, Lapis Lazuli, Snake bone, various feathers, glyphs and seals of both Jupiter and Venus on mountain goat skin, Nutmeg, Rose, Vanilla, Venus powder, and White Coral among several others.

Each 1 fl oz glass bottle arrives with instructions for use.


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