Venus Rising in Pisces Candles
Venus Rising in Pisces Candles
Venus Rising in Pisces Candles

Venus Rising in Pisces Candles

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100% Virgin Beeswax from a small apiary in Northern Pennsylvania dyed a deep violet / scarlet poured over Venus Rising in Pisces materia as well as a powder made specifically for these candles.

These candles are built upon:
• White Coral • Genuine Musk • White Goat Fur • Agarwood • Rose • Mint • Apple • 7 Apple Seeds • Sumatran Benzoin • 
among a mass host of others . . .


Venus Rising in Pisces candles can be worked with to make other people like you and want to be kind to you, to bring luck through the benevolence and favors of others, to attract generosity and pleasure in life, to attract good and benevolent things, to bring peace and harmony, and to inspire love. 

Burning these potent flames ambiently in a space can, and certainly will, promote peaceful and harmonious energy in the space. They can be burned to attract clients and customers, used in works to ensure that your image is received well, to be the center of attention, etc

Offered in 2oz, 8oz, and 22oz glass jars.

Detailed instructions are provided with every order.

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