Uncrossing Powder

Uncrossing Powder

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Tools of uncrossing are one of the most needed tools in the arsenal of the worker, alongside strong protections, to combat the influences of those who would do us harm, spiritual muck we pick up on a day-to-day basis, the evil eye, and works done against us. Uncrossing wares are potent allies when one is experiencing ill-fortuned luck, or negative spiritual attachments be they obsession, envy, anger, addiction, etc., and when one suspects a spiritual attack whether intentional or not.

The Uncrossing powder is a potent force of cleansing. This powder is employed to uncross, remove low vibrational and malefic spirits and energy, remove stagnation, and witchcraft done against you. The uncrossing powder has been crafted with roots, plants, minerals, and powders that are historically associated with spiritual cleansing and the removal of negative energy and low vibrations such as Agrimony, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rompe Camisa, Rue, and Snakeskin among a large host of others fed and brought together to serve form and function beneath the feet of a spirit capable of dealing proficiently in such matters.

Powders may be added to baths alone or in tandem with their same-natured oil, utilized to draw seals and glyphs, added to candles or lamps, paced in charm bundles, and in countless other ways limited only to your own ingenuity.

1 fl oz glass bottle with instructions



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