Serpents Snare Oil
Serpents Snare Oil

Serpents Snare Oil

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Only 15 bottles of Serpents Snare Oil are available

Serpents Snare is a warm pot of honey, liquid allure and charm, allied towards helping its wearer attract, draw in, and snare the affection of wealthy men, or those who simply wish to pay for the wearers way - or alternatively, to attract high paying clients and customers. Working through two paramount love drawing and commanding roots, Queen Elizabeth Root and Jezebel Root, Serpents snare empowers its wearer with allure, charm, and command in the dances of courtship, financial domination, and the industry of providing a service. Serpents Snare is ideal for S-Workers, those who make money from commissions, sales, or tips, or those simply seeking to have their way paid for by men.

Beyond Queen Elizabeth Root and Jezebel Root, Serpents Snare finds further allies in Snakeskin, Attraction powder, Money Drawing Powder, Venus Rising in Pisces Powder, Wild Cherry bark, White Coral, legally obtained shredded money, and several others left unnamed.

Jezebel Root, or Louisiana Iris, is a well renowned root in American Rootwork traditions for its use in "sugar daddy" workings and to attract and control paying customers. The whole Jezebel root that sits in the mother bottle was worked over a period of seven days by being woken up, fed with flame, liquor, prayers, and the appropriate oils, and then set to work in the oil. 

The same process was followed through with the Queen Elizabeth root, or Iris germanica, which is also a renowned root in American Rootwork for being utilized by women and gay men to attract and draw in men for lovers. It is said the Queen Elizabeth root is superior to any other love-drawing root when it comes to having good fortune in romance, matters of passion, and in attracting willing and paying customers. I have found in my many years of experience with this root that it grants a potent air of poise around the one who works it, making men more inclined to be generous with their money.

More specifically, Serpents Snare Oil is of great help for:

  • S-Workers
  • Waiters/Waitresses
  • Transport drivers + service drivers (Uber, Ubereats, DoorDash, etc.)
  • Anyone making money from sales
  • Those working on commision
  • Anyone who wishes to be paid for by men

Each bottle of Serpents Snare arrives with instructions and suggestions for usage. 

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