Regulus Oil

Regulus Oil

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Called, built, and birthed, the Oil of Regulus is a fluid emanation of and offering to Regulus and their star-vaulted kingdom on high, to serve diverse functions including, but not limited, to:

• The dispelling of melancholy

• To promote happiness

• To soothe anger both within yourself and others

• To be well liked and regarded highly in reputation

• To promote victory and triumph when sought in pure spirit

• To manipulate pride and ego - for toying with the pride of others

• To be placed in a position of authority through recognition and promotion

• To promote self respect, confidence, and esteem

 A heavily selected and deduced enumeration of ingredients consists of the following: A palm sized garnet etched with personal glyphs of Regulus, given appropriate feline species' fur, Serpent skin and bone, Meteorite, Moldavite, Mastic gum, Celandine, Wormwood, and 24karat gold all wrapped within a bundle of precious animal skins. This bundle includes several other non-listed ingredients to draw in and capture the stellar lights of this great king. Beyond this, the Oil of Regulus is further fortified through the addition of the powder known as The Armaments of the Lion and 2 private use powders. 

Beyond imparting aid to the effect of that listed above, this oil is also applicable to Regulus devotionals that are already in place, acting as an anchor and central shrine-piece, or as a fire-filled chariot to usher in the possibility of newly formed devotionals and personal communion through either given methods in the instructions and recommendations or through ones own ingenuity and contact.   

One fluid-ounce glass bottle with instructions and recommendations provided with every bottle.

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