Regulus Candles
Regulus Candles

Regulus Candles

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Star fire from vaulted stellar roofing, enticed and dripped downwards and upwards, and solidified into a blend of wax made specifically in Haus, containing local beeswax, organic soy and coconut waxes, and organic coconut oils, all properly blended in ritual to be receptive to the fiery lifeblood wrought forth from the stars. 

Beyond imparting the virtues of Regulus to a given space in which it is burned, which can be worked to many ends towards many goals within the purview of the capabilities of this king, this candle is also applicable to Regulus devotionals that are already in place, acting as an anchor and central shrine-piece, or as a fire-filled chariot to usher in the possibility of newly formed devotionals and personal communion.

Haus blend wax melted and left un-dyed, poured over the appropriate private materia in concert with chosen timing, and topped with Armaments of the Lion and 6 Garnets each that were worked for Regulus. These candles feature a proprietary fragrance blend and crackling wooden wicks.

Scent Profile: Golden overtones of opulent woods intertwine delightfully with understated citrus accents. These rest gracefully atop resonant notes of aromatic myrrh and smoky firewood, unified by a heart of profound, luscious amber. A harmonious coalition of essential oils - including distinctive guaiac wood, soothing balsam, vibrant orange, and captivating patchouli - merges meticulously, culminating in a Regulus inspired fragrance.

Candles shown in clear glass jars are from private stock. All orders will receive their candle in the black glass jar with a specially prepared lid.

These candles are limited in their quantity made.

Each candle contains approximately 9 ounces of wax and is housed within a black glass jar with a specially prepared lid.

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