Protection Oil

Protection Oil

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A protection oil with one job; to protect that which it is marked on from physical and spiritual harm. Working a number of plants, stones, and animal mumia such as Blackthorn, Devils Claw, several plants known for their anti - vampire/witchcraft/ghost/general-malefics-that-stalk-the-night type of capabilities, Crow Claw, Rattlesnake flesh and bone, Iron nails, several blades washed and coated in appropriate mixtures of fats and herbs compounded together among myriad others brought together beneath and through a hagstone by the aid of a spirit capable of offering charms of fierce protection.

Very little can be shared of this oils creation due to the nature of the spirit that aided in the creation of the oil. This oil serves one function in limitless ways - protecting that which it is marked on from harm.

This oil can be marked on the body, on doors and windows, beneath rugs, on a vehicle, used to fix candles, to feed charm bags, and added to washes and bath mixtures - just to name a few of the ways in which this versatile oil can be worked.

1 fl oz glass bottle

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