Oil of Insight

Oil of Insight

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Oil of Insight is a grounding force, a step back, and the touch of cooling waters that calm the seas of emotion; an aid to cognition, clarity, and contemplation. A cleansing of the doors of perception to reveal the infinite possibilities of movement within a given
situation. Oil of Insight can help one to wrangle loose or erratic thoughts and to promote rational mental cognition, to improve vision, sight, and understanding in matters of divination and spirit work, and lending clarity to all matters of the mind. To bring light and understanding to cloudy and confusing situations.


In the company of spirits capable of offering wisdom, insight, and clarity, a pilgrimage was made to the peak of a mountain that l hold close relationship with, all with the opened soon-to-be master bottle in hand. I made this pilgrimage in silent contemplation of the work at hand, climbing and stopping atop a waterfall nestled into the valleys of this mountains summit. Atop the falls I made offerings to the local spirits and those that accompanied me, and in ritual with the attending spirits were brought into the bottle a base of Baobab oil and ethically and sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood and oil, several stones and dirts collected on the days journey, Snake skin, Snake vertebrae, Lotus seed, Cinnabar, Citrine, European Ash wood, Baltic Amber, and Holy Basil among several others.

Oil of Insight can be marked on the self or on others, on objects or places, and added to workings when the virtues of the oil are required. Provided within the instructions and suggestions of this oil are written myriad suggestions for applications to divinatory tools, the creation of incenses which utilize the oil for the illumination of truth and promotion of understanding and for the seeing of spirits, how to mark the oil on the self so that you may see clearly, think clearly, speak clearly, and create clearly with the hands, for the diminishing of anxiousness, among much else.

Each 15 ml bottle arrives with detailed instructions and suggestions for myriad forms of use and application packed tightly within a prepared keepsake wooden box.

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