Milk of the Moon Fetiche 2
Milk of the Moon Fetiche 2
Milk of the Moon Fetiche 2

Milk of the Moon Fetiche 2

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Split open and spilling forth with the gold of a penetrating god, the Milk of the Moon Fetiche offers both Witch and their spirits a chance to drink from fallow fountains. There are many here, but the blood of two made one spills freely from this font, the Milk of the Moon Fetiche is for the strengthening and empowering of all workings performed its presence, to aid in the calling of spirits and as an aid that can fortify their presence, and in works of calling in stellar spirts. 

While most of what is in this fetiche cannot be shared, nor the process behind it, in its heart sits a stone that was worked in favorable astrological conditions, Acacia, Snake bone and skin, Snake Egg, European Mandrake, and Datura wrightii root. All of this, and several other plants, minerals, bones, and furs were wrapped together after their ensoulment in white goat leather, and then bound in silver chain and the same bands of Red that birthed the stone at its center. This heart, whose very beating is the gushing forth of gold, sits inside of a spherical piece that measures roughly 3 inches in diameter. It is painted a rough white, and in person shines with a pearlescent veil. Its body is splitting open and gold is flowing outwards, the fonts from which we may drink, and several freshwater pearls form a cross that is crowned by a solid silver toad adorned with a Moonstone crown. This toad was crafted by Shandi Bouscatier. 

Milk of the Moon arrives with a bottle of a private named oil for feeding the charm and is packed within a wooden box that is adorned with appropriate glyphs and seals for the fetiche. A deeper understanding and methodology of working this charm is elaborated upon in the instructions provided.

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