Mastery Oil

Mastery Oil

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A Sirens song, a call to power, and the weight of the hoof of the Lord of the Greenwood is here found within Haus of Ophidious’ MASTERY ROOTWORK OIL. This oil is secretive in its construction and boundless in its potential, relying on several pacts with denizens of the forest and those within The House of the Old Serpent, offering these ideal virtues as possible avenues of working:


  • To Promote the full understanding and mastery of a given skill and the ability to utilize said knowledge to the point of its highest potential
  • To be seen as “The Best” within a group of peers or rivals
  • To dominate and “master” a person, place, or thing
  • To cultivate and promote a dominant and competent persona
  • To promote personal Power

Comprised in part by :

Master Root both whole and living and dried and powdered • Master of the Woods • Deers Tongue • Acacia • Among several other ingredients, having been compacted in the forest ‘neath the guise and gaze of the attending spirits that aided the empowerment of this oil and its twin powder.

Being a particularly sorcerous reconstruction of the otherwise traditional Mastery Rootwork formula, there are possibilities and potentials for this oil and the powder of the same namesake that have been left unmentioned and by way of such left untamed as the throbbing forest that birthed it.


1 fl oz

Instructions for general use, care, and suggestions are provided on a cloth scroll

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