Love Spell Oil

Love Spell Oil

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 Virulently virile and writhing passions find their instigation within this here LOVE SPELL OIL that acts to seduce and charm, to provoke feral passions and the beasts that house them, to attract one or many lovers whether one seeks to work on a targeted individual or attract by named virtues and qualities that the witch or worker desires.

Comprised in part by:
• Rose • Myrtle • Calamus Root • Para Mi • Jasmine • Orris Root • Nutmeg • Cinnamon • Coriander • Damiana • Honey • Sugar • Molasses • Cowrie Shells • Goat Fur •Dirt from a River paid for in Honey and Roses• Among a lustful and compelling host of many other denizens and powers of the forests of love and desire.

The LOVE SPELL OIL is versatile in its methods of application, ranging from the deceivingly simple to the exhaustingly complex; it can be added to charm hands, utilized as a candle fixin', to feed works of love, attraction, and seduction, etc.

The LOVE SPELL OIL is the liquid companion to our powerhouse LOVE SPELL POWDER. The formulation for the LOVE SPELL OIL is slightly different than its sister powder, being packed with more ingredients and undergoing a separate ritual process. The two complement each other well.

All oils come with detailed instructions on a cloth scroll

1 fl oz 

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