Hotfoot Powder

Hotfoot Powder

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Hotfoot Powder has one purpose - to light a fire beneath the feet of your target until they get away from you, to remove unwanted people, and to cause people to move. Hotfoot Powder is ideal for removing people or situations without causing them harm, though when mixed with something such as Cursing Powder, the potentials for harmful cursing begins to show itself. 

Hotfoot powder can also be utilized to cause people to "run" in a specific direction. If you need a given outcome in a situation, you can utilize this powder alongside Mastery Powder to light a fire under a targets feet that will cease only when they act the way that you need them to. 

While hotfoot works to "heat" a situation or person and get it moving away from you, it also contains elements of confusion, shown by the inclusion of materia such as mustard or sesame seed. This confusion only swells, mixes with, and worsens the heat, causing even more confusion, irritation, and motivation to "get on over there" in your target.

Haus of Ophidious' Hotfoot Powder is comprised partly of Anthill dirt, Mustard seed, Rattlesnake skin and rattle, seven varieties of pepper brought to powder, and Sulphur among several other ingredients. 


"You sprinkled Hot Foot Powder all around my door - it keep me with ramblin' mind, every old place I go."

- Hellhound on my trail by Robert Johnson

Each 30ml glass vial of Hotfoot Powder arrives with detailed instructions and suggestions for use. Please use responsibly.

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