Evil Eye All-Purpose Cleanser
Evil Eye All-Purpose Cleanser
Evil Eye All-Purpose Cleanser
Evil Eye All-Purpose Cleanser

Evil Eye All-Purpose Cleanser

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An all-purpose cleaning spray made with a fixed vinegar mixed with distilled water to dispel the influence of the hungry Evil Eye. The vinegar was fixed with the same powder in the Evil Eye Oil containing Alum, Basil, Black Locust thorns, Blessed Salt, Chamomile, Datura, Freshly harvested and dried Rue, Lavender, Lapis Lazuli, Lemongrass, Red Coral, and Rosemary among several others. Further added to this were several bunches of fresh Rue, and handfuls of fresh Basil, Lavender, and Rosemary from my own garden that has been worked over several months to grow plants effective in dispelling noxious spirits, with a final addition of lemon peel from several lemons. 

While adding lemon adds heavily to the cleanser’s physical and spiritual cleansing capabilities, it also works to inspire joy, love, and community within the home or space it is used in. The lemon has also cleared away the usual acrid smell of vinegar and instead melded with the many floral agents within the vinegar to create a beautiful fragrance of lemon and honey-perfumed flowers. 

After macerating for several weeks and undergoing multiple ritual processes, the fixed vinegar was strained, mixed with distilled water, and then bottled. This is ideal to use as a daily cleaner, to keep your home or space fresh, clean, and flowing without stagnation. The first batch of this is fairly limited, having only 15 bottles on hand, and is not yet set to be remade until at least August 2024. 

Physically, vinegar holds such a high PH level that it makes a wonderful cleaning agent capable of removing dirt, grease, and general grime while also killing bacteria. Spiritually, vinegar has been utilized in American Hoodoo traditions to both remove and protect against noxious spirits. While this cleaning spray is intended to be used on virtually any surface, namely countertops, walls, doors, windows, and thresholds, it may also be splashed into ritual baths to clean off from the evil Eye, and used to clean amulets and charms. 

Each 8 oz glass spray bottle arrives with instructions for usage on the bottle. The 16oz refills arrive with screw caps rather than spray dispensers, as these are meant to be refills to the 8oz spray bottles. 

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