Call of the Bacchanal Massage Candle

Call of the Bacchanal Massage Candle

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Serving several functions, Call of the Bacchanal Massage Candles are both capable of filling a space with the effects of Call of the Bacchanal to effect a given end as well as being massage candles able to safely be used in the bedroom either solo or with partners for sensual play through dripping the warm wax on the body followed by massage. 

Call of the Bacchanal Massage Candles are based in Haus of Ophidious' beloved in-house made wax blend featured in all of our candles, with the addition of refined Ghanaian Shea Butter, nourishing Jojoba oil, and skin safe essential oils. This low temperature melting wax ensures that these candles require only safe temperatures to be dripped onto the skin while effortlessly melting into the skin providing extreme hydration. Each candle features a crackling wooden wick.

Call of the Bacchanal Massage Candles contain several essential oils that impart a fragrance seemingly milked straight from the forest. Some of these oils include: Black Spruce, Himalayan Cedarwood, Texas Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, and Vanilla.

When utilized solely as a candle the scent is very light, so as to be of subtle influence, though still readily scenting the air. When used on the body the scent is much more present, enveloping the wearers in throbbing green forests of pleasure. 

In terms of magical functionality, these candles aim to put a space under the influence of the indwelling spirits, allowing for the seduction of one or many within a given space, making them a perfect addition to at-home encounters for a single night or between established lovers. When used upon the body, they work to inflame passion and sensual nature for a more pleasurable time for all involved. In works of self-pleasure and in explorations of the red rivers of desire, these candle may be burned and allowed to perfume the room, heightening pleasure and sensation during the act of self-pleasure. 

Instructions for candle care and magical function are provided with each candle.

4fl oz green glass jar

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