Boss Fix Powder

Boss Fix Powder

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Boss Fix Powder helps you to gain command over and favor with your employer, drawing from Mastery, Road Opener, Success, Venus Rising in Pisces, and other private powders and materia all melding into a unified potential of sweetening your employer. Boss Fix Powder is for being seen as the best at work, for asking for time off, asking for a raise or promotion, chilling out controlling and micro-managing bosses, and to keep your job. Boss Fix Powder and Oil are a true ally to anyone who is employed by someone else.

Boss Fix Powder is comprised in part by, Mastery, Road Opener, Success, and Venus Rising in Pisces powders, along with further additions of Sugar, Powdered Honey, Thyme, Calamus, and High John root.

Each 30 ml bottle of Boss Fix Powder arrives with general instructions and suggestions for usage.

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