Algol Oil

Algol Oil

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Algol Main Employment:

✥ Fierce Protection

✥ Maleficia and Curses

✥ To inspire malice or hatred

Algol, writhing Serpent Mother, spilling forth from raging red rivers of ferocious power. While all materia in the Algol collection can be used in malefic workings you will find more malefic potency within the ALGOL : Venom of the Mother oil which was limited to 13 bottles.

The Oil of Algol was built upon a base of Diamond, Wormwood, Hellebore collected on a Tuesday as well as Hellebore leaf that was collected during the height of the Fall 2021 Moon conjunct Algol lunar eclipse during totality. To this base was added Rattlesnake head, Black Mamba skin, Red Coral, Gator Paw, Belladonna, and Myrrh among a mass host of other ingredients. 

This oil can be worked as a direct link and point of manifestation for the star for communication with the spirits of Algol and pact making, for fierce protection, for the sending of aggressive curses, to return work done against you to its source, to put a "freeze" on things (gaze of medusa), among many other useful workings. This oil is viciously protective and will retaliate against those who would work against you. 

1fl oz glass bottle

Detailed instructions are provided on linen sheets with every order.

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