The Oil Adama
The Oil Adama

The Oil Adama

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The Oil Adama is liquid gold backed by the verdant blood of evergreens. Within the heart of the oil sits a male human rib bone that has been washed in solar tinctures, engraved with psalms, and mounted at its end with a Ruby that was worked and empowered to capture the life-giving powers of spring during a Sol in Aries degree of exaltation election. A spirit brought to form and function over the course of six months, being a conglomeration of human and animal dead, further empowered, fortified, and strengthened through the addition of herbal and mineral materia, Psalms inscribed on goat skin and reduced to ash after having been breathed to life, among other seals and dusts reduced to ash. 


  • For the betterment of self
  • To bring out your highest potential
  • To achieve the highest potential in a given situation
  • To inspire joy in oneself 
  • To outshine and outperform others - To impress those who perceive you
  • To boost confidence
  • To breathe new life into new projects, ideas, and workings, or into new states of being
  • To be exalted and honored
  • To strike awe into the heart
  • To make others not want to harm you
  • For unwavering, deliberate, and steadfast strength
  • To be seen as in charge

Being informed by his animating nature of the Sun in Aries, Adama is himself an exploration of that very same solar current and can be worked when any virtue of the Sun in its degree of exaltation is needed. 

If we look to traditional ascriptions for Sun in Aries talismans to try and understand the potentials of working the current of the Exalted Sun and its materia we find examples such as these:

From The Treasure of Alexander, we see that an image for the Sun in Aries is a ring engraved with the image of “a seated and crowned man with a long spear in his hand. Whoever carries this ring will be exalted and honored by kings and all who behold him will be in awe and no one will wish to harm him.

"They made another Image of the Sun in a Diamond, at the hour of the Sun, it ascending in his exaltation; the figure of which was a woman crowned with the gesture of one dancing and laughing, standing in a Chariot drawn with four horses, having in her right hand a looking glass, or buckler, in the left a staff, leaning on her breast, carrying a flame of fire on her head; They report that this Image rendereth a man fortunate and rich, and beloved of all..." 

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk. I, Chapter 41. 

"The figure of the Sun is the image of a woman sitting in a chariot drawn by four horses, holding in her right hand a mirror and in her left hand a scepter with a seven-branched candelabra over her head, made in diamond or white sapphire when the Sun is in his exaltation. Whoever carries this image will seem good to everyone and not be afraid." 

Picatrix Bk. II, Chapter X, page 70.

Through the imagery of the spear in the first image there is a provocation of thought relating to how the field of life must be tilled and tended before new growth may grow. Weeds must be felled. To win at all cost above that which restrains us from our highest potential is the war that must be won for the Sun in Aries - it is the pressure that makes the diamond and from this place, true confidence in self arises. 

Another nature, which lies closer to the heart of the sun in Aries, that is present in the second image above just as it is in The Oil Adama is the child-like and playful nature of the exalted sun.  In the second image we see that the woman in the figure was dancing and laughing - cheerful. This is the joy of the coming sun after long and harsh winters - the first light after the darkness - the hope for new life. There is pure child-like joy that is found in the sun in Aries. 

Furthermore, you can utilize Adama when you want to breathe life into new projects, ideas, and workings, or into new states of being. 

The Oil Adama can help you to chisel your best self out of the marble of the self - to achieve the highest potential of yourself. In this sense, the oil can also help one to achieve the best-given scenario within a situation. This is helpful when one stands at a crossroads of decision where the choice leading to the best results must be made or forfeit to the lesser choice. 

The spirit of this oil imparts himself well where unwavering, steadfast, and deliberate strength are needed. With the sun in Aries, there is the spark of innovation and the rush of forward movement - the call to act - and this energy is accessible within The Oil Adama to find the strength and will to carry out tasks, ideas, or ventures.

This menstruum of liquid gold and undying verdancy can act as a crown of confidence and good light, wreathing its wearer in a crown of exaltation and honor amongst friends, peers, passer-by’s, and even those considered foes. Work this oil when you need to outshine and out-perform competitors, emerging from the other side as the victorious successor. The oil in this manner makes one likened unto a king - a glamour of competency and an air of “I belong in this space” when one is surrounded by those they need to impress, when you are at a table that is set for those perceived as “above” you in rank or position. 

In workings of glamour, The Oil Adama can also make others not want to harm you, making you loved and enjoyed by all who are in your presence when wearing the oil.


Within the heart of the oil sits a male human rib bone that has been washed in solar tinctures, engraved with psalms, and mounted at its end with a Ruby that was worked and empowered to capture the life-giving powers of spring during a Sol in Aries degree of exaltation election.

His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and his dominion endureth from age unto age

Daniel iv 34

Brought to powder by hand, accompanied by continuous solar prayer and fumigation, were Agarwood, Cinnamon, Calamus, Clove, Life Everlasting, Saffron, Mint, Pepper, Frankincense, Ginger, Mastic, Hops, Mistletoe, and Amber among several other ingredients. To this powder was given flame and further prayer before being added to the mother bottle.

A boar tusk washed in Abre Camino from my garden and stuffed with Vencedor leaves and Master of the Woods along with private stock powders of a solar and commanding nature, all sealed within the tusk utilizing beeswax. This tusk, a potent amulet and tool for Adama, floats freely within the mother bottle of oil.

To the oil was also added appropriate feline species fur, Alligator foot, and a Ram horn that had been fixed with various herbal waters and powders. Atop all of this, 24 karat gold was added to the oil before being sealed in beeswax.

The oil sat sealed for a year, being worked at appropriate times to further feed and empower the oil. During a secondary sun in Aries election following the year that this oil was originally made, the bottle was unsealed and filled with a fragrant oil mixture of Black Spruce in jojoba oil.

As the sun enters Aries, it heralds spring, the start of the new year cycle. The sun provides the warmth and the light for the vegetation to grow. The sun in Aries is the spark of inspiration and the drive to act upon that inspiration. This is the drive to be inspired and begin a new venture or task. It is not the drive needed to carry out the task all of the way to the end. For this, I would supplement with Aldebaran II materia  alongside The Oil Adama. 

Like the rising sun, the Oil Adama imparts warmth, the return of light and life. He is the new dawn of a fresh day. When I wear his oil I think of unfurling fern and a sun-robed evergreen - of airs that breathe in warming gold with whispers of an unseized potential all too ready to be taken and enjoyed, basking in the prideful glory of having taken that which you had desired. 

Each 1/2 oz bottle arrives with detailed instructions and suggestions for use packed tightly within a prepared keepsake box.

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