Our Plants

In an effort of transparency you will find a list of the plants used in our Flying Ointments below with how they are sourced and grown.


Datura Inoxia and Stramonium: Our Datura is sourced from growers in the midwest USA as well as grown by me in my garden. All plants are grown without the use of chemicals as fertilizers. Compost and Fish emulsion are the only fertilizers used.

Mandrake: Our Mandragora officinarum is sourced from foragers in Greece and in Israel where they are found in the wild. As a personal goal I have begun a mandrake garden which will grow by the year. All mandrake grown by me will wait a full 2 years or more before being harvested but the goal is to switch to roots grown solely by me in the next 2-3 years. 


Henbane: The Hyoscyamus Niger used in my ointments is sourced from a forager in the Midwest USA where Hyoscyamus Niger grows abundantly as a "weed". I have also started a very large crop of Henbane in my garden to hopefully switch over completely to homegrown henbane but I won't be able to full do this until 2022. My home grown henbane is mixed with what is provided by my supplier. 


Belladonna: The Atropa Belladonna I use comes from my personal garden as well as from a forager in Spain where it grows abundantly wild in the forests.