Venus Rising in Pisces Body Butter
Venus Rising in Pisces Body Butter

Venus Rising in Pisces Body Butter

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Here lies Venus as the Mother of Love in pink. A goading goat of white fur wrapped in musk. Here, in the sign of the fish, a portrait of Grace - a woman with the face of a dove and the feet of an eagle with a dart or arrow in her hand - having the face of peace and the talons of a predator.
The Venus Rising in Pisces body butter:
• Grants Favor and Benevolence • Allows one to recieve good • Allows one to be liked by everyone • Inspires Love •
100% Pure and Uncut Mango Butter, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter combined with Jojoba oil and Sweet Almond oil that has been steeping with Venus Rising in Pisces materia including White Coral, Rose, Mint, Balm of Gilead, Orris Root, and Apple among others. Combined during the day and hour of Venus and whipped to perfection with the addition of Arrowroot powder to minimize an oily feel. 
Venus Rising in Pisces body butter makes other people like you and want to be kind to you, it will bring luck through the benevolence and favors of others, attracts generosity and pleasure in life, attracts good and benevolent things, bring peace and harmony, and inspires love among countless other virtues ALL while moisturizing your skin.

The Venus Rising in Pisces body butter can be applied directly to the body or a spoonful can be added into warm bath water where it will melt into the water and moisturize the skin.

16 fl oz - Very Large Glass Jar

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