Oil of the Son of Jupiter
Oil of the Son of Jupiter
Oil of the Son of Jupiter

Oil of the Son of Jupiter

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The Oil Of The Son Of Jupiter Is For The Advancement Of Fortune, Favor, And Luck; The Attraction And Strengthening Of Financial Gain; The Installation Of Virtues Of Abundant Growth Into Person, Place, Or Object; The Enhancement And Strengthening Of The Religious And Spiritual Nature Of One’s Life; The Blossoming Of Inspiration; The Attraction Of Muses; To Be Influenced In Artistic Expression; The Attraction Of Attention And Gain Through Public Networking.

Inspired By Agrippas Image Of The Son Of Jupiter In His Three Books Of Occult Philosophy, Book Ii, Ch. 39, Which Reads Thus:

"They Made Also Another Image Of Jupiter For A Religious And Glorious Life, And Advancement Of Fortune; Whose Figure Was A Man Having The Head Of A Lion, Or A Ram, And Eagles Feet, Cloathed In Saffron Coloured Clothes, And He Was Called The Son Of Jupiter."

A Silken Cloth Of Emerald Green Marked In Images, Glyphs, And Seals Of Jupiter, Human Bone, Peacock Bone, Avian Feet, Ram Horn, Lapis Lazuli, Lightning Struck Maple Wood From A Tree With New Growth, Haus Of Ophidious’ Mastery And Success Powders, And Several Other Ingredients Were Brought Together And Enlivened By The Virtuous Spark Of Jupiter, Sealed And Crowned With A Vertebrae Of The Appropriate Feline Species, A Piece Of Lapis Lazuli, And A Crowning Emerald Seated Within The Hollow Of The Bone. This Charm, Now Alive And Heavy With The Spirit Known As The Son Of Jupiter, Was Built Through A Conglomeration Of Human And Animal Dead Brought Together Atop Appropriate Seals And Glyphs Of Jupiter In The Proper Days And Hours, Given Further Direction Through The Addition Of Several Plants And Minerals. In Addition To The Charm Bundle That Sits Within The Oil, The Oil Also Houses A Plethora Of Other Powders Swirling And Teeming With Potential. Some Powders Further Strengthen The Presence Of Jupiter, Containing Mumia And Materia Such As Frankincense, Fennel, Sage, Saffron And Storax. Other Powders That Swim Within This Oil Work To Attract, To Grab, To Glamour, And To Captivate Through Powders Finding Ally In Agarwood, Rose, Life Everlasting, Mullein, Wormwood, Amber, Genuine Musk, Fulgurite, And Over 100 Other Ingredients In Total Added To The Master Bottle Over A 14 Day Period.

The Oil Is Naturally Colored Blue Through The Addition Of Pigment-grade Powdered Lapis Lazuli - A Pigment Worth Its Weight In Gold, And Given Scent Through Liquid Storax Compounded With Fragrant Herbal Materia.

Each 15 Ml Bottle Arrives With Detailed Instructions And Suggestions For Use Packed Tightly Within A Prepared Keepsake Box.

Each Bottle Also Arrives With A Complimentary Bag Of Powder Built Specifically For Utilization In The Working Of This Oil. This Powder Will Not Be Sold Separately.

As With Most Haus Of Ophidious Oils, This Oil Is Made In Small Batches, And Will Not Be Restocked Once Sold Out.

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