Mars House-Protection Charm

Mars House-Protection Charm

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Calling on the potencies of Mars Exalted in Capricorn, this charm was molded and enlivened to be worked for the protection of the home from those with ill-intent, malevolent spirits, and magic. Here, the spark of the Red One was bound in a bundle of goat leather inscribed with images of Mars, Exalted Mars powder and "Protect this House" powder (both from personal stocks), Snake bone and skin, and myriad others. This was interred into the belly of the clay form, which was adorned with an Obsidian blade, and a piece of slag from a civil-war era battle-forge. 

The obsidian blade which mounts this piece has been bathed in several Mars oils and serves as the "weapon of the guard" which can be worked in several ways for both general and pointed protection from specific individuals, those with ill-intent, malevolent spirits, and magic done against you. 

The charm itself stands at roughly 4 inches tall without the blade, with the blade adding another 4 inches to the height. Its body has been painted in red paint that has been mixed with Red Ochre, a pigment of Mars, among other colors along its body and base. 

This charm will arrive with instructions for usage along with a 1 fl oz glass bottle of Exalted Mars oil that has been fixed with additional powders and workings for the feeding of this charm. 

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