Living Waters Oil

Living Waters Oil

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‘Let them be confounded who persecute me, and let me not be confounded; let them fear, and not I.’

Allow me to set the scene? Rolling thunder met with the crashing waves of a rocky beach I know intimately, all beneath the Full Moon that seemed to evade eclipse by cloud. It was here that I first encountered the moon jellyfish who wash themselves up upon the shore requiring the intercession of human hands to live. It was here, also, that I first met the small sea turtle hatchlings that crack open with life, spilling forth a precious creature of the sea using the light of the full moon as a guide to find their watery home. It was there that I first met that black-haired Woman of the Ocean - and it is here, in this oil of Living Waters that her sister comes to aid.

Being one of three sister oils, Living Waters Oil is patroned by She of the pale-faced Rose- full of green blood. Built beneath a full moon upon a beach, working with lunar spirits of the place and timing chosen to create this oil that serves many functions and fulfills many roles.

Built partially upon Moonstone, Ammonite, Blood Jasper, Holy Basil, Hyssop, Chicory root, Life-Everlasting, European Ash, Rue, Mugwort, Milk Thistle, and Amber among several others, brought together beneath the light of the full moon and given whispered breath - sealed and crowned with Blue Cypress and True Rose Oils. 

Living Waters Oil comes to the aid of the witch or worker offering these uses:

Protection against those who would cause us harm. In this capacity, the oil works to turn the weapons of our enemies against them, souring plans made against the wearer of the oil

To strike fear into the heart of another through manipulated vision. Working the oil this way can take two avenues. Firstly, it can be worn as a sort of glamour of defense, allowing one to appear in a light that evokes fear in those who see you. This has been tempered through pact with the spirit so that it only has an effect on those who hold malicious intent towards you. Don’t worry, you’re not gonna make your grandmother afraid at the very sight of you with this one….unless…need I say more? Secondly, there exists the potential for the sending of visions in the form of nightmares to taunt and terrorize ones target. The makeup of these terrors is left to the whim of the worker to build and manipulate in cohort with the spirit of the oil.

To aid in the seeing of spirits and to allow them to manifest more easily

In the act of inspiration towards prophecy and vision it should be said that truth can be blurred here. The oil gives rise to the parts of the self that see and that sense. It is up to the wielder of the oil to refine the ability to separate truth from delusion - a theme with lunar spirits who will happily inspire lunacy. There exists medicine and remedy against this in the oil. 

To allow oneself to blend into the night - to become as a shadow beneath the trees. To be unseen at night, whether in a social setting or a solitary expedition into the night to perform a needed work.

Living Waters Oil also acts as a beacon and calling point to all manner of lunar and sub-lunar spirits who can be called and worked behind the feet of the oils maiden. She works here to put these spirits in line, allowing each to speak and be worked with Her at the forefront.

There exists also the potential for the oil to be a balm against the melancholia caused by lunar spirits.

Living Waters Oil is also a potent defense against storms being able to be worked to create charms against destruction caused by storms. I have worked this side of the oil to much success, applying the oil to various points of a boat, which always led to a storm moving away from me or causing less trouble than one would expect while out on the water. 

Each 1oz bottle of Living Waters Oil arrives packed in a wooden keepsake box along with detailed suggestions on how the oil may be worked to the ends mentioned above.

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