Lion's Laughter Oil

Lion's Laughter Oil

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Who/What am I?

A white lion emboldened by the fully illumined face of the pale Queen of the Night, laughing with my gold-filled throat in the face of that which would see me fall, carrying medicinal leaves between my teeth. Brought together beneath the appropriate lunar rays, Lions Laughter is built partially on appropriate furs; a ring of 24K Gold and Garnet; Basil; Carnelian; Cedar-wood; Coral;  dirt from a sun touched hilltop; Galbanum Oil, and Blue Cypress Oil among several other ingredients. 

What can I do for you?

Aid in regaining one's sense of power through the boosting of confidence

 Bring the fading of melancholia 

 Aid in recovery from illness or injury

Aid in the destruction of enemies 

Lion’s Laughter is of great aid to those who suffer from low confidence and self-esteem. This white lion can help you to feel more confident and bold in your own presence, helping you to stand up for yourself in what you want. For those who struggle to speak when they want to do so, he comes as a push and guide to say what you need to say - bottling it all up only down spirals to a place of less confidence - this is not the place he seeks to guide one to. For those who fear to act, he comes running, offering strength and a sudden drive to do the -thing-. In his capacity to boost confidence, Lion’s laughter is effective in the removal of fear that sits at the heart of self-doubt, which is the birthplace of low self-esteem, lack of motivation, low self-worth, being passive in relationships and life, insecurity, and people-pleasing tendencies. By simply wearing the oil, or by utilizing it in a working geared to such, this oil also soothes the wound pangs of melancholia, guiding one in overcoming it through the means detailed above. In works of healing, Lions Laughter comes bearing medicinal leaves between his teeth. In healing works, the oil may be worn or added to herbal baths to increase its potency for healing. The instructions for this oil detail the creation of a charm used for general well-being and health alongside a recipe for an herbal bath for such purposes.

For the destruction of enemies, Lions Laughter moves strangely. For a moment, the laughter goes quiet and is replaced by a stealthy hunter who likes to toy with and manipulate the emotions of those he is sent against. Here, he works against the mind, twisting and manipulating the strings of a target’s confidence and joy - it is a hunted feast for him. It starts small, causing missteps in the actions of those he is sent against which in turn, over time in tandem with his toying in the mind, will increase feelings of self-doubt. He will wear down the confidence and bravado of the target, making them think they are much less than they think themselves to be. This has a snowball effect over time, cascading into the many chambers of one’s life, be it in romance, finance, luck, joy, or health. Left in a pile of distorted emotions, those that Lions’ Laughter is worked against will be unable to act, for true inability or the perceived. This snowball-turned-avalanche will, once fully rooted, smother all aspects of the target’s life that bring all sweet things.

Each 15ml bottle arrives with a downloadable PDF containing instructions and suggestions for use and work with Lion's Laughter.

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