Cursing Powder

Cursing Powder

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This is a limited edition powder which will be restocked only once a year. 15 bottles are available for 2024.

Cursing Powder is a writhing mass of husks and ghosts, for the sending of those bringers of destruction and disease, for the loss and souring of luck and fortune, the closing of roads, the darkening of reputation, the destruction of health, and all manner of true cursing befitting the nature of this foul powder which eats its target from the inside out. Cursing powder is inspired by the American Hoodoo Goofer Dusts.

This powder was built in darkness, under the guidance of vampiric spirits capable of great malefic potentials. Blackthorn, cremation brick ash, cursed salt, dirt from a pear tree located in a cemetery, Devil's Claw root, Datura stramonium seed, insect husks, mausoleum wall pieces, poppy seed, rattlesnake head, roasted rat, sulphur, and Valerian root, among other materia was buried at the base of a tree in a cemetery for 3 nights before it was exhumed, powdered, and fed. 

After allowing the powder to sit for several days in a sealed jar, I took the powder out to prepare it for bottling only to be a bit shaken by several moths - a vampiric creature in European folklore -  jumping out of the powder and flying about briefly before they flitted off. I took this as the final omen of completion for this well-made powder.

Each 30ml glass vial of Cursing Powder arrives with detailed instructions and suggestions for use. Please use responsibly.

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