Chameleon Charms
Chameleon Charms

Chameleon Charms

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Charms of glamour, invisibility, and protection from capture for those who wish to go unseen and unnoticed. These charms were built for those in need, for those who protest, for the oppressed, and for the cunning, working through both the Chameleon and the Opal, built through the hands of a mother-to-many capable of hiding all. 

Not much may be said of the creation of these charms as the nature of the pacts dictate secrecy, though at their heart sit each a whole Valerian root, known also as Vandal Root, an ally to thieves who wish to go unnoticed. The body of each charm is formed from clay that has been mixed with sesame seed, marjoram, alum, black and yellow mustard, asafoetida, poppy, fennel, and hellebore among several other ingredients known for their ability to deceive, impart invisibility, and to effect memory and perception. The ashes of several seals against capture inscribed on goat skin exist also in the powder. 

Each Vandal Root at the heart of each charm has been fixed with a personal oil of the same nature and ingredients as the powder above, with the addition of whole chameleon, a 1.7karat Ethiopian Opal, and several others left unnamed. 

Each charm can be carried daily or as needed when you need to go unseen, whether this be to accomplish feats of magic, to be unseen by divination, to go unnoticed and uncaptured at protests, or in any other matter requiring your "invisibility". Each charm measures between .75-2.5 inches.

Each charm arrives with a 15ml glass bottle of my personal Invisibility Oil utilized in the construction of the charms and for their feeding. The Oil may also be worked separate from the charm following the provided suggestions for usage. This is the only time this oil will ever be made available. 

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