Aldebaran II Oil
Aldebaran II Oil

Aldebaran II Oil

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Heralded by Bull-headed Serpents bearing doves' wings and mirroring eyes, The Oil of Aldebaran is a fluid emanation of and offering to a stellar king and their star-vaulted kingdom on high, to serve diverse functions including, but not limited, to:

• Serving as a beacon to and receptacle of the spirits of Aldebaran • Acting as a wellspring of the virtues of Aldebaran, offering the chance and ability to form pacts with the spirits therein to grasp that which is desired, whether it be money or riches, to reach an end-goal, to have the ability to persevere and see oneself through hardship and hard-times, to give one the ability to - in abrasive terms - be ruthless in having the heart and steel hand in a velvet glove to claim, grasp, and *take* all that one desires.

Application of this oil imparts one with a smooth tongue gifted with an ambrosial tone to persuade and seduce by way of word so that we may more easily attain that which we desire.

This oil is a necessary addition to the arsenal of those who seek to take control of their own life, imparting one the steel-braced will to accomplish all that MUST be accomplished. Aldebaran leaves no room for laziness or sluggishness. With ill-tempered empowerment comes a tendency to come off as hot-headed, egotistical, and haughty. For those working this oil, it would be advised to consciously avoid such behaviors as this is where the pitfalls of Aldebaran may be glimpsed and even where one may fall prey to them. Aldebaran and its many denizens are regal, protective, fierce, and possess an integrity known to few. As previously stated, it would be both wise and beneficial, when wearing or working this oil, to conduct yourself in such a manner that is conducive do this nature to avoid friction, pitfalls, or setbacks in motion.

Due to the nature of Jupiter in the election timing of the birthing of this oil, this particular offering is fully capable of dispensing financial gain in a more notable manner in comparison to Haus of Ophidious' initial Aldebaran Oil released in March of 2021.

The creation of this oil was complex, consisting of a palm-sized Garnet engraved with glyphs and images of Aldebaran, a talismanic bull horn being filled with various spirit-instructed and divination-confirmed-materia that was put through its own ensoulment process, sealed and floating in the mother bottle along with the Garnet and a whirlwind of a powder known among my spirits as "The Hoof Dust of Aldebaran". This fore-mentioned powder is the base of this collections' Aldebaran II Powder.

A heavily selected and deduced enumeration of ingredients consists of the following:

• Sky Iron • Moldavite • Ruby • Garnet • Gold • Euphorbia • Milky Thistle • Master of the Woods • European Mandragora • Deerstongue Leaf • Deer Musk • Dove • Serpent Bone and Flesh • An Eye • A Mirror • Rose • Mastic • Hojari Frankincense • Top Grade Myrrh • Red Sandalwood • High John • Agarwood • Saffron • Orris • Among a mass host of over 70 other ingredients empowered through proper ritual given through my own stellar witchcraft practices . . . 

This oil is applicable to Aldebaran devotionals that are already in place, acting as an anchor and central shrine-piece, or as a fire-filled chariot to usher in the possibility of newly formed devotionals and personal communion through either given methods in the instructions and recommendations or through ones own ingenuity and contact.  

Price is for One (1) 30ml or One fluid-ounce glass bottle with instructions and recommendations provided with every bottle.

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