Rootwork Oil + Powder Instructions

Haus of Ophidious Rootwork offerings are purpose-based wares that perform a given function. These offerings are versatile and approachable by all. 

Rootwork Oils may be marked on the skin, dripped into candles, applied to charms, used in multitudinous workings aligned with the virtues of the oil, and in any number of ways imaginable that produce the desired effect. If you are applying the oil to your skin, please perform a test patch to ensure that you do not have any allergies or sensitivities to the oils' ingredients. 

Rootwork Powders are the powdered form of the oils of the same namesake. These powders may be placed in a given space, on doorsills, beneath rugs, used to fix candles, as internal charge and filling for charms, and blown across people or place. 

The ways in which Rootwork offerings can be utilized by each person are truly as limitless as the imagination and intuition of the person working the offering. Get creative in your approach to the application - speak to it - it is very much living. Each time you apply or work the oil or powder, speak to it and tell it well what you are working it for and how it should perform for you. 

All Haus of Ophidious Rootwork offerings can be combined and utilized in tandem with one another for tailored and boosted effects and versatility.