Oil of Insight Instructions

Oil of Insight is a grounding force, a step back, and the touch of cooling waters that calm the seas of emotion; an aid to cognition, clarity, and contemplation. A cleansing of the doors of perception reveals the infinite possibilities of movement within a given situation. Oil of Insight can help one to wrangle loose or erratic thoughts and to promote rational mental cognition, improve vision and sight in matters of divination and spirit work, and lend clarity to all matters of the mind. To bring light and understanding to cloudy and confusing situations.


In the company of spirits capable of offering wisdom, insight, and clarity, a pilgrimage was made to the peak of a mountain that l hold a close relationship with, all with the opened soon-to-be master bottle in hand. I made this pilgrimage in silent contemplation of the work at hand, climbing and stopping atop a waterfall nestled into the valleys of this mountain summit. Atop the falls I made offerings to the local spirits and those that accompanied me, and in ritual with the attending spirits were brought into the bottle a base of Baobab oil and ethically and sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood and oil, several stones and dirts collected on the days' journey, Snakeskin, Snake vertebrae, Lotus seed, Cinnabar, Citrine, European Ash wood, Baltic Amber, and Holy Basil among several others.


The most simple form of application of the Oil of Insight is by marking the oil on the temples and the center of the forehead. This simple marking will offer the mind calmness and clarity. Worked in this way, the oil is beneficial when one needs to understand a situation, to write or read more clearly, to see the truth in a person or situation, to calm anxieties, to be sensitive to movements or sounds, to heighten the abilities of spirit sight, etc. To give clarity and understanding to the voices of spirits or to properly hear and receive what is said by others, mark the oil around the perimeter of both ears. So that others might more clearly hear and understand your own words, mark the oil below the jawline before your words are spoken. To have the same effect with works created by your hands, such as a literary piece or art piece, mark the palms of your hands with the Oil of Insight before you create. When the oil is applied to the body, I noticed that the effects generally last 3-6 hours after application. When one needs to determine the best possible route of action - or inaction - within a given situation to achieve the best potential outcome, the oil can be marked on the temples, the forehead, and at the base of the neck before one enters a contemplative state of mind focusing on the situation at hand. To promote the seeing of truths and to promote clear and precise mental function the oil may be dripped over Mastic resin atop incense charcoal and allowed to fill a space or room. A similar method may be employed when one is engaging in matters of divination and spirit sight, to promote understanding in divination and improvement of spirit sight by burning drops of the oil in the same manner as above, but with the addition of Dittany of Crete to the Mastic resin. The oil may be marked on divinatory tools and mirrors, marked on candles or books, added to workings where clarity and cognition are needed, and in multitudinous other ways befitting the virtues offered by the oil. I encourage wearing this oil often, even more so when one finds themselves in the strangest situations that can be milked for their curious droplets of understanding. Over time, with continuous use, the oil will work to improve one’s mental functions beyond what they were before the first application of the Oil of Insight. The Oil of Insight can be worn daily with many benefits found in this routine of application. The Oil pairs well with all Haus of Ophidious offerings, and can even show new ways of working with the paired oil - or other materia magica - when marked together on the body or when used in conjunction within a working.