Fixed Star Instructions

Haus of Ophidious Stellar Offerings provide myriad routes for the approach to the stars whether it be for veneration or magical application to effect a given change. The stellar wares offered by Haus of Ophidious range in their intended effects and potency. Instructions and suggestions for approach to our stellar offerings will be limited, due in part to the deeply personal ways in which these bodies of light may manifest. Stellar talismans and one-of-a-kind creations will arrive with printed instructions where necessary.

Stellar Oils, along with talismans and charms when offered, contain stellar light in its most forward and potent form, dripped down from the heavens and pulled up from the earth, anchored in the chosen mediums and offered for direct contact with the given stellar body be it for veneration or employment within a given magical operation. These are not oils for wanton dispensing and application, rather potent chariots of fire that can be offered to, prayed to, and worked with, beyond much else. 
It is unadvisable to wear Haus of Ophidious stellar oils on the skin without first knowing what comes with that. Wearing stars in this manner is alot, both to the body and the spirit, which can lead to some unpleasant outcomes and side effects. These luminaries are far from human, and as such, can be dangerous.

Prayers and supplications can be made to the respective stellar body through the oil by a simple opening of the bottle and the offering of one or multiple candles, preferably of beeswax or a Haus of Ophidious Fixed Star candle, lit before the open bottle with the possible addition of other offerings found appropriate through inspiration or established connection. 

Stellar Powders 

Powders may be added to candles or lamps, form parts of charms, be incorporated into stellar and terrestrial workings by way of tracing seals and sigils in the dust, and in countless other ways limited only by your own ingenuity. 

Stellar Candles

Star fire from vaulted stellar roofing, enticed and dripped downwards and upwards, and solidified into a blend of wax made specifically in Haus, containing local beeswax, organic soy and coconut waxes, and organic coconut oils, all properly blended in ritual to be receptive to the fiery lifeblood wrought forth from the stars. 

Candles can be worked as supplicatory offering to and of the respective stellar body and its spirits, while also being a beacon quite able to call on the same spirits to offer a medium through which a pact may be seized and birthed into the world to effect Other-ly change both internal or external.