Exalted Venus Rising In Pisces Oil Instructions

Here lies Venus as the Mother of Love in pink. A goading goat of white fur wrapped in musk. Here, in the sign of the fish, a portrait of grace - a woman with the face of a dove and the feet of an eagle with a dart or arrow in her hand - having the face of peace and the talons of a predator. Arriving in veils of grace accompanied by the songs of fluttering wings. Without hesitation, she offers a rose, a knife, and all pleasures divine. Love - compassionate love - is made manifest here.


During the election utilized for this oil, a pair of Diamond Doves were adopted and sponsored in a sanctuary in New York to provide food and shelter to the pair of doves as both oil ingredient and offering to the spirits of Venus Rising in Pisces. Brought together during the utilized election window, with prayers to Venus and fumigations of Sumatran Benzoin, in a base of Sweet Almond Oil was White Coral; Musk Oil; White Goat Fur; Agarwood; Rose; Mint; Apple; Sumatran Benzoin; Orris Root; Balm of Gilead; 2 Diamond Doves - adopted; among several others.


There exist a great and terrible many explorations of this oil and the spirits of Venus Rising in Pisces that have yet to be explored and I encourage you to find joy and play in this oil as much as you find in it seriousness. In its own ways, the Oil of Venus Rising in Pisces can be seductive and manipulative - making those around you feel more kindly toward you at the least. When worn on the skin or utilized in workings, the oil will attract luck through the favor of others, attracting generosity and pleasure in life, attract good and benevolent things, brings peace and harmony, and can inspire love in many forms among a vast host of untold potentials.

The spirits of this oil did not provide specific instructions as to the application of the oil, rather allowing and encouraging you to explore this lush and verdant jungle in your own right, although many suggestions will still be provided here. To attract benevolence and kindness and to surround yourself in an air of the same: two pink strips of silk or linen can be soaked in the oil and worn around the wrists. The oil may be marked on the body, especially at the heart, temples, and wrists. To spread compassion and kindness, apply the oil to your palms before performing generous and kind deeds. If utilized in this manner, the deed performed should not be publicly spoken about in an effort to boost one's image - as such would prove to have the opposite effect. By wearing the oil in this way and not speaking about it you will see an increase in the positive reception of your image. The oil may be shared between lovers in the bedroom, each applying the oil to the other, to deepen the love and connection with one another through the sensuality of emotions. The Oil of Venus Rising in Pisces can be worn when one desires a boost in sales, tips, or commissions, as the oil greatly increases the generosity of others towards you. The oil can be intoxicating, she is - in part - a predator here.

If we look further, we find the influences of deeper mysteries of compassion, love, and divine inspiration. Through some of these mysteries, we see the relinquishment of fear and anger through the waters of Venus lapping at our wounds and suckling us with her life-giving milk, soothing all beneath pearlescent waves of unmatched grace and beauty.

Explore freely in this oil which is an emanation of The Divine. She is expansive and her routes of communication and action will - and should - vary for each wielder of an individual bottle. Share this oil among friends, enemies, lovers, and strangers. Let pain, anger, and fear fall away to be transmuted into love and compassion. Here lies a Queen, a Heart, and an Arrow.


Arriving in veils of grace - A goading white goat in the desert with your milk of splendid replenishment on offer In the song of the dove I hear you  - All Mother - All nurturing Perpetually unfurling as the fern in spring - it is here in these fields of creation found upon your flesh that I lay these thorned roses at your taloned feet as you come and grace me with your presence. With your milks containing medicine and your bow raised to pierce all and your own - you who cannot be challenged - filled with the burning fires of love - come to grace us as we call you home.