Fixed Candle Instructions

I offer a selection of many fixed candles which can be found here. Fixed candles are an amazing tool to utilize to give a burst of energy towards manifesting your desires and goals. I personally use Fixed candles in my daily life to manifest many desired outcomes. A candle can be lit on the appropriate day every week to ensure that you gain and maintain momentum in the manifestation of your goals.  

All candles are fixed and prepared upon receiving your order. All candles are cleansed, blessed, dressed, and prayed over in your name so that the candle is specific to you. All candles are dressed with organic herbs, roots, oils, and minerals. It can take up to 5 days for your candle to ship. All candles are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. 

Please follow all instructions to manifest the best results in working with your fixed candles. 

Be sure to cleanse yourself and your space before beginning any magical work. You can cleanse yourself by taking a shower and if you know how to prepare a spiritual bath you may do that. You can cleanse your space by burning sage, Palo Santo, or frankincense. 

Place your candle in a fire safe area, I personally use a bowl or pot. Candles can take 4-7 days to burn and do their best work when they are left uninterrupted and can burn all the way through. If you must blow out the candle make sure to snuff the candle out. Once you have your space prepared you can light your candle and pray to it. Tell the candle exactly what you want to manifest and always remember that you must give to receive so make sure to leave offerings for the candle. You can leave offerings of water, rum, coffee, and anything else you see fit or called to offer. 

The candle is not an empty object that works miracles, it is a spirit that must be treated with reverence and respect. Build a relationship with your candle, speak to it, and take care of it.

Once the candle has finished burning it can be disposed of by putting it in a trash bin.

All magical work must be anchored into the material world by mundane work towards your goal. 

Corresponding days and when to light your candles: 

Peace: Light this candle on a Sunday or Monday morning.

Healing: Light this candle on a Sunday or Monday morning.

Block Buster: Light this candle on a Tuesday morning.

High John The Conqueror: This candle is to be lit on a Tuesday. Offerings of water, rum, and whiskey are greatly enjoyed by this spirit.

Success: This candle is best lit on Thursday, the day of Jupiter who rules over success, business, abundance, and expansion.

Better Business: This candle is best lit on a Thursday Morning.

Road Opener: Light this candle on a Thursday morning.

Love Spell: This candle is best lit on a Friday morning.

Divine Lovers: Light this candle on Friday morning.

Money Drawing: This candle is best lit on Thursday or Sunday. Offerings of water, rum, and oranges are enjoyed by this spirit.

Uncrossing: This candle is best lit on Saturday evening as the sun is setting. It is best to anchor this work in the physical world with cleaning. Cleanse yourself and your home. Cleanse physically while this candle cleanses spiritually. Offerings of water and rum are enjoyed by this spirit  

Protection: This candle is best lit on a Saturday evening as the sun is setting.

Reversible: Light this candle on a Saturday at sunset.

Tongue Snatcher: Light this candle on a Tuesday or Saturday at sunset. 

Oracle: Light this candle any day you choose.

Speak In Tongues: Light this candle any day you choose.