Daughter of Venus Oil Instructions

Oil of the Daughter of Venus is for aid and power in all works requiring the virtues of Venus, for the attraction and promotion of love and romance, to attract a partner, or multiple, and ignite the flames of passion, to turn ordinary dinners or gatherings into festive celebrations, joyous company, and time well spent, to slow down and to be exposed to the subtler beauties of the world, to boost and maximize relaxation, for gaining attention and drawing in the eyes of others, for the promotion and protection of joy and pleasure, among all else in the grace and grasp of Venus.  


During the day and hour of Venus, as she was in a favorable position, goat skin - the goat being a Venusian animal - was marked with seals and glyphs of Venus using inks made from several personal Venus powders. The skin was fumigated with Sumatran Benzoin and accompanied by prayers to Venus as female human rib bone, Copper, Emerald, Rose Quartz, and Pearl were wrapped in the skin alongside a dart made of spirit-specified wood and dipped in a private oil, a touch of honey and an oil of sweet disposition, Bay laurel berry, Cherry wood, Dove feather, Mulberry wood and leaf, Musk, Orchid, Rose, and Sumatran Benzoin among other materia to birth the Daughter of Venus through the mixing and molding of human and animal dead, plants, and stones with the virtues and spark of Venus. The bundle was added to a base of jojoba and sweet almond oil. The fourteen days following the initial creation saw the creation of a powder capable of anchoring the virtues and qualities of Venus even further so that they may be dispensed through the hands of the Daughter. This powder was added to the mother bottle on the fourteenth day with a small portion reserved.


The Daughter of Venus is a living spirit whose oil can be worked with freely by simple markings and directing of the oil in the needed way, though one is to reap the most benefits when offerings of, minimally, water and flame are made with the possible addition of other offerings determined through continued relationship and work with the oil. To speak ones desired effect to the oils lady and then mark the oil on the skin is to bring the desired effects to you, whether that be a new friend or romantic partner, the drawing in of a sexual partner, the promotion of joy or of beauty and glamour, etc. To ensure that a social gathering or dinner is enjoyable, mark the oil beneath chairs and tabletops, on the bottoms of plates or glasses, making sure that the oil droplets will not be consumed. Marked on the soles of the feet the oil may help to stomp out that which seeks to hinder us from joy and pleasure, to see to it that it may not rise above our feet in its attempts. The oil may be added to workings or marked onto charms to draw Venusian virtues into them. The oil may be soaked on strips of cloth in colors that bring you joy and tied around the wrists to promote the desired Venusian virtues within the self, to soothe and make one joyous. A charm may be made with the oil, if one desires to do so, to attract land spirits and spirits classed as “other” that are in line with the virtues of the oil. A hagstone of either a single hole or of seven should be washed in freshwater preferably from a natural source, then washed in milk or cream, followed by setting a beeswax candle atop it alight and allowing it to burn down. After this, the hagstone is marked in the oil and placed within a pouch made of goatskin. Mint leaf and a plant or tree piece that calls to you in the sun are also added to the bag. This bag can be carried or allowed to hang from a cord in a place dedicated to its spirits. When you desire the bag to be active and be a beacon to the spirits detailed above, light a candle of beeswax..near the bag and set out a glass of water for those that come. The charm will attract spirits for so long as the candle burns. Over time, and with regular use, you may build and add to the charm bag what calls to you, or what you are guided to add by the Daughter of Venus or your own tutelary spirits. It is only advised that you create this charm if you are well versed in methods of spirit contact and have strong protections and cleansing regimens in place, as one can never know what to expect to come walking through the door when the beacon is actively calling. The Oil of the Daughter of Venus is multitudinous in her potential and exploration is encouraged.