Wealth of Jupiter Candles

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The Wealth of Jupiter Collection was created on the day and during the hour of Jupiter.  The oil that was used in the creation of these candles was allowed to macerate for a full year.

These are the candles for my money makers, entrepreneurs, my millionaires, and my social leaders. These candles work swiftly to attract wealth, prosperity, success, good health, good social standing, popularity, and peace of mind. These candles are being offered in a highly limited quantity and will never be offered again once sold out. 

 Candles are available in 3 oz and 8 oz sizes. They are hand poured with virgin beeswax and contain materia from the Wealth of Jupiter collection. All candles are topped with a piece of genuine gold.

Some of the ingredients used are saffron - frankincense - juniper - sage - cedar - nutmeg - orange - apple- emerald - citrine - amethyst - and 24 karat gold. 

Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion ruling over wealth, money, success, social standing, and peace of mind. Seeing as Jupiter is highly Benefic, these candles are a potent talisman of joy and comfort. Jupiter attracts wealth and success, it makes us comfortable and allows us to live freely. This is a perfect collection to work with when you want to build your own life. It gets the creative juices flowing and allows for a focused narrative to be created in a life building sense. It is sharp, warming, joy inducing, and clarifying allowing us to see what we desire and how to get it clearly. 


Arrives with detailed instructions.

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