Venus Rising in Pisces Talismans

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Venus Rising in Pisces Talismans hand carved and cast in Sterling Silver in collaboration with the ever talented Shandi Bouscatier as an adaptation of the Venus Rising in Pisces talismanic art design created in collaboration with and by Troy Chambers - previously of Wolf and Goat. Only 3 of these are being publicly offered.

"From the operations of Venus they made an Image, which was available for favor, and benevolence, at the very hour it ascended into Pisces, the form of which was the Image of a woman having the head of a bird, and feet of an Eagle, holding a dart in her hand. " - Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

A statement from Troy on the original design: 

‘In an attempt to render the basic specifics of the Venus Rising in Pisces talisman as related in the source texts into a more abstract and diagrammatic form, I focused upon the symbolism of the pelican, and the vesica piscis, with an eye to the art nouveau jewelry designs of Rene Lalique. 

The pelican, being already a bird of Venus, mingled with a myriad of symbolism within alchemy and mysticism, seemed the perfect bird from its graceful visuals to Piscean Age illusions and more graceful early Christian imagery. So too with the vesica piscis, from importance in mathematics and matters of the universe, to its relation to the wound in the side of Christ and obvious yonic symbolism that, here, appears in overlapping circles that themselves create a reference to human form and genitals, as well as the charity of the six of disks in the arrangement of spheres, and through it The Lovers and The Star. So too the Solar six playing across circles suggesting feminine mysteries marries the head of the Venusian pelican to the feet of the Solar eagle.  

In decorative motifs at the bottom we find hints of eagle’s claws to further fulfill the imagery-needs of the talisman, while the overarching design behind culminates those needs with a decorative comb acting as the compass of creation found within some pelican symbolism, that evokes as well a crescent moon and its rays, placenta and umbilical cord, reaching jellyfish, a UFO, the explosion of an atom bomb, and a mushroom and its mycelium.

Through all, I did my utmost to layer in glazes of meaning relating always back to grace, benevolence, charity, wisdom, and joy.’

 Bluntly, the Venus Rising in Pisces Talisman and other materia within this collection makes other people like you and want to be kind to you, it will bring luck through the benevolence and favors of others, attracts generosity and pleasure in life, attracts good and benevolent things, bring peace and harmony, and inspires love among countless other virtues. These talismans offer the most potent form of manifestation of Venus Rising in Pisces for this collection and have been an invaluable aid to much of my own recent work. 

Behind all of the virtues listed above, there lies much unsaid about these talismans and their potential. There is a wellspring of compassionate love here, waiting to be tapped into. 

Each talisman arrives with a 20 inch sterling silver chain and is housed within a large black leather pendant case which has been embossed with gold edge detail.

Each talisman comes with a bottle of Venus Rising in Pisces Oil and Benevolence of the Sybil Oil.

Detailed instructions are provided with each talisman for personalization as well as a ritual detailed specifically for the Venus Rising in Pisces talismans.


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