Venus in Libra Oil

Venus in Libra Oil

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December 2023 restock: The final 5 bottles of Venus in Libra are here offered in 1/2 ounce bottles. This is the final remainder of this oils stock and it will not be restocked.

Venus in Libra Main Employment:

  • Love drawing
  • Attraction
  • Pleasure
  • Relaxation
  • Glamour
  • Gaining attention
  • Promoting Joy 

The Venus in Libra oil was created during the September 2nd, 2021 election in a base of Apricot kernel oil acting not only as a base but a womb of sorts containing genuine emeralds, copper, rose quartz, cowrie shells, roses, honey, royal jelly, Mugwort, Vanilla bean from Madagascar, mother wort, and much more. 

This oil can be employed in all works in alignment with Venus in Libra virtues such as attracting a new lover and enflaming passions in current relationships. It's a great oil for socialites and those who are outgoing and enjoy social situations. On the other hand it has proven useful in those with social anxiety helping to relax that impulse to make social events and outings more enjoyable and relaxed. 

It is a potent ally in winning social graces and popularity which rings especially apt for artists and creators, gaining attention, and promoting joy, pleasure, and indulgence. 

This particular Venus in Libra oil, due to Venus being well placed with Jupiter, lends a “money drawing” quality which proves highly beneficial for those who work for tips, entrepreneurs both established and new, commission workers, sugar-babies, and those who don’t have an overly regulated flow of money coming in. 

Venus in Libra is useful when one needs to “let go” and enjoy things. This will be extremely beneficial to those who feel the need to always be in control (calling out myself here), those who have a hard time unwinding after long days at work, and for those who have a general hard time enjoying life without focusing on everything that could possibly go wrong. This collection is joyous and slow, allowing time to truly *stop and smell the roses*.  I have found that a simple application of this oil promotes and emanates self love and healing from social traumas. 

1/2fl oz glass bottle  (recyclable)

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