Spica Fetiche

Spica Fetiche

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Whispering quietly with as many voices as it has tongues, The Spica Fetiche serves one purpose: to draw in the virtues and spirits under the light of The Ear of Wheat. In its heart sits a bundle of material that was ensouled and bound in a leather packet during a favorable Spica election, some of its ingredients being Emerald, Trefoil, Sage, European Mandrake, and Mugwort. Further added to its heart was Meteorite, Spica Powder, Snake bone and skin, Dove, and others left unnamed as part of the pact which anchors the fetiche.

The fetiche itself measure about 2.5 inches in diameter and is painted a deep green with patches of black. It bears an impress design of a stalk of wheat illumined with gold. At the tip of the wheat there is a mound that is crowned with an Emerald. A second emerald is seated at the root of this piece at the bottom of the stalk of wheat.

On a shrine, or as a centerpiece in ritual, this fetiche naturally draws in the virtues of Spica, fortifying its light within a given space or time. This can be worked ambiently by being well placed in a given working within the purview of Spica’s virtues or for rites of pacting with spirits under the light of the star. The Spica Fetiche can be worked with in all matters related to the virtues of Spica, though it is unmatched when lending its aid in attracting money, accumulating wealth, fortune, building prosperity, and ending arguments and disagreements. 

This fetiche arrives with a 1 fl oz bottle of an unreleased Spica Oil and detailed instructions for usage and care. The instructions will guide on how to work the charm to attract money and fortune; to bring abundance of joy, good fortune, and general blessings; for the steady accumulation and protection of finances; how to bring arguments and aggression to a peaceful end; and a rite by which the spirit worker may call on the spirits of Spica for the forging of pact and relationship. 

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