Unguentum Nocturna

Unguentum Nocturna

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A brazen chariot upon which the witch may ride, both living and breathing, Unguentum Nocturna is Haus of Ophidious’ enfleshment of transmutative power to be met and worked with in conjunction with an established practice of spirit flight.

Not only is Unguentum Nocturna a perfectly suited flying ointment equipped to handle all manner of spirit flight, one may find themselves lathering poppets or taglocks with Unguentum Nocturna, which, along with proper communion and work with the unguent, will loosen the spirit of your target, leaving to the imagination what may be pulled out or put inside and then worked upon for your own purposes; lathering the hinges of doors and all of their many holes can allow oneself and those called to slip in and out more easily, this too leaving to the imagination the potential for such uses in Witchcraft; tools and images may be marked to be spirit-ridden by yourself or those spirits to whom you allow such a thing; words whispered into the jar before marking them on yourself or others, or even places, will become alive in the skin or place as serpents bite at the ankles, pining to be fed. The possibilities of potential are *truly* limitless.

In the black earth sat a silver plate topped with a silver bowl. The winter air was enveloping my body, inspiring frigid lucidity, and in that little bowl sat the stone of the moon and pieces of a falling sky surrounded by the plate full of water and a single stalk of wheat to be replaced each moon, reserved after each night wrapped in white. Those that power this ointment worked through my hands each night, for 84 nights, on 84 stalks of wheat and numerous stones, plants, and animal materia, with the addition to the mixture of a here unnamed oil on Good Friday during one of this unguent’s primary workings of influence. At the culmination of this 84-night cycle, I braided together in song with the attending spirits three lengths of wheat, each comprised of 28 stalks - one from each night of their respective lunar cycle - which was itself bathed in oils of Owls, Bats, and Brilliant Others, before being added into the mother bottle. Infused oils and fats - Jojoba, Sunflower, Duck, and Pig - of each of our attending Nightshades in their chosen bases, given offerings of a private incense blend, tobacco smoke, and the birthing of pacts held with them and their mothers, were then poured over the braided wheat, but not before a portion of each fat and oil were worked in a smaller silver bowl with the feathers of duck and others, the talons of birds of prey and birds of a psychopomp nature, and a gift given to each of the Nightshades: 

To Henbane, given the fat of a pig and a crushed green stone; to Mandrake, a flame and a pouch of serpent leather filled with with the glass one finds in places where fire descends from the heavens, its core stuffed and filled with powders; to Datura, with her flowers, was wrapped in red thread that had been run through a private oil and knotted 84 times with words of power; to Belladonna and her black eyes of fruiting bodies were given a pair of new silver scissors and a length of cord; each of these, in that little silver bowl, sealed with flame and breath, was added then to the mother bottle which again was allowed to sit undisturbed for one final lunar cycle. Other allies, and those who are there yet are not quite allies, that can be found within Unguentum Nocturna are Poplar, Blackthorn, Dirt from the Crossroads, various serpent skins, wing tips, black horse hair, a whip, and the heart of a little green devil, but they are not limited to this list. 

The unguent was strained and mixed with beeswax from a local apiary, by the light of a single candle, and poured into their jars, sealed each with a whisper from a serpent. They are each provided with a large instructional and suggested usage writeup on a cloth scroll, limited to a one-time-only quantity of 21 jars being offered.

Atropa Belladonna leaf, Hyoscyamus Niger leaf, Datura Inoxia Seed, Mandragora Officinarum Root, Poplar buds, Grapeseed oil, Sunflower oil, Duck fat, Pig fat, a proprietary powder blend, and beeswax.
1 fl oz


Do not use Belladonna if you are allergic to morphine. 
Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 
Do Not ingest-For External Use only
Do not use if you have Heart or Kidney problems 
Do not use if you are allergic to salicylates 
Do not use if you are allergic to Aspirin 
Keep away from eyes, nose, and mouth
Keep away from all mucous membranes


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