The Oil Venom

The Oil Venom

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Only 7 bottles of The Oil Venom will ever be offered

An oil against wrongdoers, against the oppressive for the oppressed, for those seeking justice or retribution, The Oil Venom is a viper’s nest, armed and ready to strike. A cacophonic expounding of malice lives within this oil which can be plucked forth and sent out by those few who will meet it. In works geared towards the inspiration of insanity in a given target, to embitter and poison the mind and heart, to bring about a withering of vitality, to grant vengeance over wrongdoers, the instilling of fear, and in all works of cursing you will find The Oil Venom to be incomparable in effect and potency.  

Built partially upon:

Diamond  Red Coral Hellebore plucked beneath a Lunar Eclipse conjunct Algol Black Locust Sold Out Algol Powder Rattlesnake Skin Rattlesnake Head Viper Rib Bone   Images and Hymns inscribed on goat skin parchment and reduced to ash A private blend Cursing Powder and a mass host of other ingredients.

In a first-time offer for Haus of Ophidious patrons, each bottle is its own mother bottle able to be maintained by each who possesses one of the 7 bottles created. Each bottle will arrive wrapped in prepared cloth inside of a wooden keepsake box for storage. Usually, Haus oils are poured off from their mother bottles and sent to you, here you have the ability to possess the font itself, being able to both utilize The Oil Venom for its intended purposes while also being able to seed and create further oils from the one. Instructions and suggestions for creating other cursing oils and charms are provided with each bottle. 

As of April 2024, this is by far the most malefic oil Haus of Ophidious has offered publicly and should be approached responsibly. This is for those who would decimate those who hurt others, for the destruction of those who oppress, for those who would see those that stand in their way fall.

1fl oz glass bottle with instructions for maintaining the pact that nourishes each bottle and suggestions for usage. Several workings are provided in the suggestions along with suggestions on how the oil may be incorporated into non-provided workings. While most Haus Of Ophidious instructions are downloadable as PDF files, the instructions for this oil will be printed and provided with each bottle. If you would like a PDF rather than printed instructions, you may email me here after your order has been placed. 

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