Success Bundle

Success Bundle

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The Success bundle is a solar and jupitarian powerhouse to bring you success in all matters. This bundle contains a success fixed candle, a success conjure powder, and a success conjure oil. 
The Success Fixed Candle is an amazing spirit to work with in manifesting your success in a multitude of endeavors. This candle and the spirits within it can aid in manifesting success in your business, school life, and in personal goals. All candles are fixed with herbs, oils, minerals, and magic. 
All candles come with instructions.

This powder has been crafted with barks, leaves, roots, seeds, and minerals to crown you with success in any endeavor. This powder utilizes the planetary influences of Jupiter and The sun alongside various other influences according to the intent proper. 


This powder can be used as a candle fixing, added to rootwork, mojo bags, and sprinkled around the home. All powders come with general instructions. 

1 fl oz 


This oil is used to anoint yourself before you do something that you need to succeed in and can draw in success in all manner of endeavors. This oil has been crafted with high quality organic herbs, oils, and minerals. This oil has been crafted on the day of Jupiter and in the hour of Venus. The oil draws on Jupitarian and Solar magic that creates an abundance of success. This oil draws on the expansive and generous energy of Jupiter and the warming and life giving rays of the sun that are necessary for all things to grow. 

All oils are crafted in a purified space and with intense energy to accomplish the desired result. 
1 fl oz

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